AGI Open Mexico

28 – 29.09.2018

English / Español

James Brown



The work of James Brown is a highly visual and experiential combination of raw energy and spirit. He rolls around the world making places. Creating new worlds on the one we’ve already got. Worlds for fun. Places in the sun. Stable places on a changing landscape. He finds future in the past. He does the integrating of design-art-architecture-food-music-celebration (he calls it “art-chitecture”). A brilliantly imagined approach to conceptualising spatial design and placemaking; utilising art practice to inform different facets of design. His visual language centres around the harmony of colour, language and storytelling. Influenced by travel and anthropology, James’ victory is to create works that explore how creativity can create permanent cultural assets in a disposable world, for the sake of a healthy happy existence on this shiny blue marble we call home. James believes that every project is an opportunity to explore how creativity can shape our existence. His work has been exhibited in SFMoMA, he recently spoke at Palais de Tokyo in Paris and has projects on show from Hong Kong, to Bali and across Australia. Gourmet Traveller magazine regarded him in their top 50 Most Influential People in Australia. James has been to Mexico 4,369 times and it is his favourite. Doing the right thing is easy. The difficulty is in knowing what is the right thing to do. James Brown knows what to do.


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